Theo Wanne DURGA 4 Gold Soprano Saxophone (Size 6, 7, 8)

Theo Wanne DURGA 4 Gold Soprano Saxophone (Size 6, 7, 8)

Theo Wanne
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The DURGA 4 Soprano Mouthpiece has a newly designed step baffle, and throat.  There are a lot of secrets in this design that are very subtle, but yet have an incredible impact on the sound.  The Inverted-Power-Ring™ has the fullness of a True-Large-Chamber but tons of core too!!!!  Don’t let the high baffle fool you, it does not sound thin or nasal….just full and BIG like you’ve never heard a soprano mouthpiece sound before!  Suitable for both powerful music and ballads both!

The DURGA 4 is a unique work of art, that will take your soprano places you may not even know existed.  Yes, we are very proud of this mouthpiece:)  It is available in 24K gold plated brass and the best quality vintage style Hard Rubber available.


  • Great for Jazz, R&B, Rock n' Roll, and even softer music when a sweet tone with clarity is wanted
  • Projects a sensual tone that makes everyone want to dance
  • It is so unique; it really has to be played to be understood and believed


  • Radical proprietary Inverted-Power-Ring and True Large Chamber
  • Rounded inner side walls all the way to the tip
  • Uniquely shaped long step baffle
  • Crafted to the highest accuracy
  • Designed by Theo Wanne, the foremost expert on the design and manufacturing of vintage and new mouthpieces


  • Case: Leatherette
  • Plating: Reticulated 24K Gold plating
  • Ligature: Integrated two-point contact 24K Gold Plated Liberty Ligature and Alive Gold pressure plate
  • Cap: Patented Reed Replacer Cap
  • Bite Pad: User Replaceable Bite Pads


  • 6 = 0.060
  • 7 = 0.065
  • 8 = 0.070